I am Frisky Tom’s Frisky Tom

12 04 2011

Three games in one! What a deal?

I picked up the Nichibutsu Arcade Classics cartridge for the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) today; one, because it was cheap and two, because it featured the game Frisky Tom.  I had heard about Frisky before in some article about classic adult gaming or something like that, and I noticed the big bright yellow-and-balck “18 and above” logo, so I thought this must be that famous Tom (I also Googled it first).  Turns out Frisky Tom in an arcade game that came out back in 1981.  Tom is a plumber who has to fix water pipes and protect a water tank from being blown up by explosive-crazed rodents.  He’s frisky because when you beat the level with “X” amount of water left in the tank, you see a crudely drawn and poorly animated girl in a bubble bath.  Now, in the American version on the arcade game, you couldn’t very well have people nekked in the bath, so they put a tasteful red bikini on the lass and called it a day… but this was the Japanese version of the game, so I was probably a little too excited to help Frisky get his thing on.

WULFF indeed!

I was all the more excited to find that in the options menu of the game, you could set the version to “domestic (read, Japan)” or “overseas (read, prudish), so of course I had to play the “domestic” version for history’s sake.   Here’s a look at the ancient wonder that is Frisky Tom (for some reason sound doesn’t kick in until the 2:55 mark):

The thing is, after getting the hang of the game… I couldn’t lose.  Sure, when I started I actually had to look up the point of the game online, I totally couldn’t figure out what to do; but I mean I couldn’t lose.  I can now say that I beat my first classic arcade game, all 26 levels of it.  Here’s what I got for all my hard work:


That's all? At least you could offer to buy me a beer...

That's all? Only one congratulation? At least you could offer to buy me a beer...

Then it said GAME OVER.  And the girl was wearing a bikini, too.  I should have expected as much in a Nintendo game.



One response

13 04 2011
Mark E

Well, duh! That would be like playing the entire umpteen levels of the JP version of Illbleed and expecting the chick to actually be naked! I mean, come on, only a real video game nerd would be expecting THAT, right?? ^o^

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