Kid Icarus: Nintendo 3D Classics

21 12 2011

I am now a proud Club Nintendo™ member!  Why?  Well, it wasn’t for the awesome prizes you can redeem for Club Nintendo™ points; but for the awesome game they let you download if you registered 2 games to your Club Nintendo™ account: Kid Icarus.

Although now that I think about it, the ladies find it hard to resist a man in a Mario shirt...


Back in the day when I had an NES and very few games, instead of buying games my family would allow me to rent them instead (a fair trade… not).  I rented Kid Icarus only once, and it left a huge impression on me.  First, I loved the upward scrolling gameplay, and secondly, it handed me my ass again and again and again.  In fact, I was never able to advance beyond the first level of the game until recently, when I picked up a copy for the Famicom Disk System.  Reaching stage 1-2 left me feeling so accomplished…

Hello new worl... oh, I died.


Anyway, Pit is back and this time in 3D.  Before you get any further, I want to be clear that I’m not talking about the new Kid Icarus game due this spring, but rather the 3D remake of the classic Nintendo game that will be available for purchase as a download through the 3DS e-Shop January 16 in Japan, and I don’t know when in America and beyond.

The first thing that struck me after loading the game was how easy it was on the eyes.  The 3D remakes of Twinbee and Xevious were both very hard for me to look at due to the fast moving multiple layers of 3D parallax.  I was so happy to be able to look at Icarus without my eyes bleeding.  Second, the sound has been ported over from the disk version of that game, which had a better mix and more depth than the cartridge version released in the States.  When you start a new game, you’re ask to name your character in one of three save slots just as you would in a Zelda title.  This is a hold over from the disk system as well.  Once you name your little winged warrior it asks you to select whether you want arranged or original music.  I tried them both, and to be honest I really couldn’t tell the difference.  I don’t know if I was expecting arranged to blow me away with a Lords of Thunder style presentation; but the bleeps and bloops seemed just as familiar as ever no matter what setting I chose.  The backgrounds have been updated to show.. I don’t know… classic scenes from greek mythology?  There’s a volcano in the background on the first stage, which is as far as I got in the video below.

The 3D effects are pleasing, and it makes me think how good future releases, such as Zelda II, could look.  Nintendo seems to have found a good way to freshen old titles without simply changing all the sprites to polygons (cough cough Capcom cough cough).  I look forward to being able to play Kid Icarus with me on the go, even though I can’t play it in 3D in a moving vehicle-  it makes me sick.  And it’s still good to know that after all these years I still suck as hard at Nintendo’s forgotten gem as much as I always have.



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