New Year’s Goodness from Famitsu

29 12 2011

The last Famitsu of the year came out today in Japan.  For those of you not familiar, Famitsu is the 800 pound gorilla of gaming magazines in Japan.  It seems as far as 2011 goes, Famitsu saved the best for last.

This issue comes with a bonus catalog sized, well, catalog highlighting the best of Nintendo from the Famicom all the way to modern day 3DS download titles.  Here’s a sampling of what this 194 page tome has to offer:


Left: Famicom Right: Famicom Twin, Famicom Twin Turbo, Famicom Titler, and redesigned Famicom. Missing is the neon orange Famicom Twin.

Selection of Game Boys in their various forms, including the Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Light.

Left: Super Famicom Right: Nintendo Satellaview

The Game Boy Advance in it's many varied forms. Missing are almost all of the special editions.

The Nintendo DS, DL Lite, DSi, and DSLL (XL in America).

Left: Page highlighting Zelda for the Famicom Disk System. Right: Famicom Disk System accessories and the disk re-writing kiosk.

Left: Super Famicom and Game Boy re-writable flash memory cartridges. Right: Special edition games for the Game Cube

Left: Special edition Famicom Mini Game Boy Advance boxed sets. Right: Mother 3 (Earthbound 3) for the Game Boy Advance.


And as if that weren’t enough, Sega chose to bless readers with a free DVD filled with gameplay and movies from their upcoming  PS3 and XBOX360 game Binary Domain.


Happy New Year from Famitsu and Sega!  I highly recommend you snag a copy of this issue before it sells out.



3 responses

29 12 2011
James Bacon

This is rad. Thanks for putting these up, man. I only wish I could get Famitsu in the States…

31 01 2012
Brian Jung

could you send me that famitsu nintendo complete catalog, please?
i really want to see it , but i can’t get that any more at this country.
please i’m begging you

1 02 2012

Well, I’m still sort of using it…

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