Metal Gear Solid 3 3D Gameplay & Rant

30 12 2011

I got a request to post gameplay from the Nintendo 3DS game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D.  There was a reason I hadn’t uploaded any footage from the game… I usually only post things I like or have interest in.  Now, I’m a big Metal Gear fan.  I’ve played through the entire series and even have the original Metal Gear for the MSX.  I was very interested in Konami’s 3D venture into the world of the Patriots… and then less enamored after playing the game.  Hopefully, the video speaks for itself.




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30 12 2011
James Bacon

If the old film adage is “Show, don’t tell,” the video gaming equivalent is “Do, don’t show.” Instead of explaining the camouflage system to you, they should have crafted a system wherein you learn, intuitively, about how to use it to your advantage.

Other than that, I don’t think the talking would bother me. It’s a Metal Gear game, and I enjoy those characters, but there’s a much better solution for explaining game mechanics within the game itself. It’s commonly referred to as “conveyance,” and MGS3 just doesn’t have it.

The controls, however, are a seeming abomination. The 3DS controls are the same standardized controls we see across all platforms. There is not reason to deviate so far from the norm, and certainly not in a way that cramps your hands up. This is disappointing news.

On top of all that, I recall when playing MGS3 for the first time on my PS2 I disliked all the clutter. The grass, trees, etc., all made it very difficult, needlessly, to get my bearings. Now that the screen has shrunk down, it’s made worse.

I’ll stick to me MGS HD Collection on PS3.

Thanks for the impressions. You helped me make my decision. 🙂

30 12 2011

I don’t mind the talking in Metal Gear games, in fact one of the things I like best about the series is the story. But it’s a different experience sitting in front of the TV where you can kick back and enjoy the exposition. With a handheld, you’re stuck holding your system up, waiting for the talking to finish.

The controls are beyond abysmal. The video is from the 5th time I played the game, and as you can see I’m still confused about what does what. Now having said that, I have not played it with the second analog add-on. If that changes the control scheme, meaning the camera controls are then automatically mapped to the second analog and the action buttons are then freed up for action, it would change the frustration level dramatically.

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