PS Vita in Freefall

6 01 2012

PS Vita and games just sitting there, waiting for someone to love them.

Word just came out from Media Create that the sales of Sony’s new portable totaled 42,648 for the week of December 26 through January 1 in Japan.  So far, total sales have looked like this:

WEEK 1: 324,859

WEEK 2 : 72,479

WEEK 3: 42,648

Which  means a total of 439,986 PlayStation Vita units have been sold between launch on December 17 and the first of the year.  That’s a little more than half their initial 700,000 unit shipment that Sony expected to sell out by Christmas.  I know it’s very, very, very, very early in the game, but the numbers are tell a lot, especially for this time of year in Japan.  Right now it’s bonus season, a time when everyone has extra money in their pockets.  Sony timed the launch of the Vita to hit Japan at this during this spending season where Japanese traditionally say out with the old and in with the new.  Well, looking at the overall numbers, it appears that the video game public has been getting a lot of new; just not a lot of new Vita.

Comparatively, the Nintendo 3DS also had a drop in its sales shortly after release, mostly due to the effects of a massive earthquake which crippled electricity thought Tokyo, disrupted shipping routes, and threw the release schedule of upcoming games into disarray.

It’s hard to believe that the Sony Vita will fail in the long run; but it doesn’t help Sony sell a system when the platform they’re replacing, the PSP, is still a viable and much used form of entertainment around the country.  And it also doesn’t help now that Nintendo’s hit their stride with their 3DS system.  A stride they would have hit months ago if not for Mother Nature.



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