Another Take on Piracy

10 01 2012

There’s been quite a lot of buzz about my little Kotaku article.  It’s certainly made its way around the net, and it’s got people talking and thinking- something I think is great.  That’s the point of any article, to educate and stimulate conversation.

I’ve been going around, responding to various blogger’s and talkbacker’s comments on what I wrote.  Sometimes clarifying, sometimes expanding my argument.  If I had it to do again, I would have picked a different way to start the article.  I didn’t mean that I was just pulling my words out of my head… I meant that I had just learned about Bandai closing up shop in regards to physical distribution, not that I had just learned about the problem in general.  To think otherwise would mean that I would see no problem starting out piece by saying “I’m an idiot, and here’s my opinion”.

I thought about writing a followup piece on the subject; but voice actor Kyle Hebert has posted a video that sums up  in seven minutes what would take me a few pages.  So even if you poo-poo my opinions, at least give James a listen.  And with that, I’m officially moving on.



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