Ace Combat: Cross Rumble 3DS Impressions

11 01 2012

Ace Combat: Cross Rumble for the Nintendo 3D follows in the footsteps of the other 15(!) games in the arcade style flying series: you fly a fighter jet, get involved in dogfights, and blow stuff up.  All and all a good mix of aerial acrobatics and mayhem.

The controls on the 3DS are simple and straightforward.  The shoulder buttons speed you up or slow you down, the slider pad controls your craft, the B-button fires your machine gun, A-button files missiles, and the Y-button automatically maneuvers the plane onto the tale of enemy aircraft, if they’re close enough.  While the demo od Ace Combat does not support the slider pad pro, Namco has stated that the finished game will; although I don’t know what you’d use the second slider pad for- the game plays fine without it.

I played the demo first with the 3D off, and it delivered a so-so experience.  I mean, it’s Ace Combat… same old same old.  But with the 3D on, the game really shines.  The planes don’t pop out at you, instead the 3D is used to pull you into a little world of shiny daring-do.  The only problem I had with the game is that the explosions don’t appear to be done in 3D…. something that could change between now and the day of release in North America.

Some people have complained about Namco’s self-imposed 3 play limit (the game deletes itself after  you boot it up three times); but the demo is pretty short and it’s not something I think someone would turn to over and over again.  Besides, once the game is running you can play it as many times as you want, no problem.  It’s just when you leave the game and then restart it that you get a strike against the 3 play rule.  Watch the video for the full experience.




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