The $19,487.35 Shmup

31 01 2012

With production ramping up at Studio Happy Chicken and the writing gig that I can’t talk about yet kicking into gear, I haven’t had that much time to be a-bloggin’, but I’ll keep ‘um coming.  Here’s a post that had been sitting on my desktop for about a week:

I like video games a lot, but it seems that some like them a bit too much.   As an example, I offer to you consideration the Y1,500,000 video game Alice’s Magic: Shanghai Yue Tuan for the PC98 series of computers.



One of my favorite retro game shops in Japan sent me an email alerting me to this because they thought I might be interested.  They were wrong.  You could buy a real gun and shoot real things and even have money left over for an extra value meal at McDonalds for that.


2,142 Las Vegas burger sets, to be exact. That's a lot of Vegas, baby!


Alice’s Magic is part of a series of shooters that were set to be released when a fire destroyed the warehouse where they were being held, 86-ing 99.9% of the stock.  A full set of the 5 games in the series sold for a wallet-busting Y50,000,052  ($654,660.42) back in April of 2009, so apparently there are people who will shell out the bucks for this kind of thing.


Hey, Akiba blog! I stole your picture! At least I'm honest about it...


This new offering  is interesting in that it’s on CD and the original games were released on 3.5 inch floppy disks.  Maybe this is a compilation that someone did, as it appears to have all 5 games on the disk.  It’s credited to Amusement Makers, when a company called Oriental did the original release.  It’s a mystery… and one I don’t have the 20-grand to care and solve.



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