Photo Kano Finally Released

8 02 2012

After many delays and countless magazine ads, フォトカノ, or Photo Kano in English, for the PlayStation Portable has finally seen the light of day.  It actually got to the point where I thought that it wasn’t going to be released… sounds like a certain Catherine movie… hummmm.

Variations of this ad have been running FOREVER ><


Photo Kano is a dating sim with a twist.  In this day and age you gotta have a gimmick to move the game, Kano’s being that the game revolves around photography, and that’s what drew my interest.  I mean, why not kick back after a day of filming girls in bikinis and various costumes by playing a game where you take pictures of girls in bikinis and various costumes, right?  First edition copies of the game come with a nendoroid figure and a poster.



I think it’s interesting that the game store closest to where I live received an unequal amount of posters and figures.  For the seven copies of Photo Kano that they had, there were six posters and only four figures.  Three people are going home disappointed, and one guy is going home out of luck.


Someone at the factory is bad with math.


The marketing for Photo Kano has been fairly strong.  It’s on the cover of Famitsu, as well as having a separate mook available that have a bonus DVD and a bunch of posters and phone strap for Y3990 ($52).  I passed on that.  The Famitsu review staff gave Photo Kano 9’s across the board, for a total score of 36/40, which is quite unusual for a game of this genre.   That also piqued my interest.


Famitsu Cover = Sales


While I wouldn’t call myself a dating sim fan, I have played a few in the past.  Back in the day I messed around with games such as Tokimeki Memorial, Dokyusei, Kakyusei, and Sentimental Graffiti before I found one that actually appealed to me in Tokimeki Memorial 2.  I actually hold Tokimemo 2 as one of my favorite games of all time, and like I said, I’m not a big fan of dating sims.

From the couple of hours I’ve spent messing around with Photo Kano, I get the feeling why it garnered such high scores.  The game feels fun and light with a heavy sprinkling of humor.  The types of girls you woo range from typical dating sim fare (i.e. the brainy one, the sporty one, the popular one, the one who’s fixated on marmalade, etc.) to more modern anime inspired girls such as Hikari Sanehara who is obviously heavily drawn from Yuki Nagato from the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  I also get the creepy vibe that the protagonist’s younger sister is on the table as a love interest.  In any case, the developers have set her up as comic relief, and to some extent an object of lust.  My only beef with the game comes right at the beginning.  It takes a full hour of gameplay before you get to the first save point.  Additionally, the game reminds you to be using a memory stick that’s 4GB or larger, because not only does the game install to your memory card, it also saves all the pictures you take throughout the game as well.  Sounds Vita-esque.

For those interested, I’ve taken the time to consolidate some of the best moments of Day 1 in the game.  I particularly enjoy the little song and dance number that comes early on.  Apparently there are many mini-games like that sprinkled throughout:

For those of you who want the full Photo Kano experience, here’s a video of the entire first day in the game, all the way from the opening movie until the first save point.

Photo Kano is currently available in Japan and will be released in America when hell freezes over.



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29 05 2012

Only use cheats when you need them, or ban all the cheat wibteses. Sometimes games are a little hard, and if you use all the cheats in one game, start another(that’s cheat free), and see how you can work up to where you are in the other game. That makes it fun.

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