I’m Writing for GameFan Magazine

12 02 2012

As if my plate wasn’t full enough getting Another Take on Catherine out the door and ramping up production on Game Girls Go!, I’ve taken on another responsibility:  I am now the Japanese correspondent for GameFan Magazine.

Yes, it’s true… the death of magazines have been greatly overblown.  Walk into your local convenience store, grocer, or bookseller and you can see that.  The day those racks are empty is the day that magazines are dead.


I see dead periodicals.


The number one thing people say when I tell them about the gig is “They’re still around?” or something similar.


See what I mean?


So, yes, GameFan is still around; or more accurately, they’re back.  See, GameFan was a major video game magazine player back in 1990’s America… then they went away.  Now they exist again.  It’s that simple.



How did this come to pass?  Well, Happy Chicken ran an ad in issue 7 of GameFan, and that lead to conversations with Dave “Mr. GameFan” Halverson, James “Why Didn’t You Include Me in Your Blog Post” Bacon, and the rest of the crew that ended with me being invited on board.  It actually wasn’t a hard decision for me as I grew up in the 90’s reading GameFan, and have always credited them with sparking my interest in Japanese games.  So in a way, it’s like returning a favor.  My hope is that my reporting on gaming life in Japan will spark some other folk’s interest in import gaming.

So start reading me in GameFan starting in issue 8.   And while you’re waiting for that, why not like them on Facebook?  Hopefully this will be an rewarding adventure for us all!



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12 02 2012
James Bacon



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