Sony Bringing the Sexy Back

12 02 2012

In Japan, there’s a divide between console gamers and computer gamers; but it’s different than the rapidly closing gap that exists in America.  In the States, games made for home gaming consoles and games made for the personal computer are becoming close to identical; in Japan, nothing could be further from it.  See, Japanese computer games are 95% adult oriented, or eroge [eh-row-geh].  Although some eroge have been released on consoles past, their existence on a modern mainstream home console by one of the big boys has been virtually non-existent, at least in their original form.  Games such as Dokyusei, To Heart 1 & 2, and most recently Time Leap have all appeared on a home gaming box, but in a severely neutered fashion.  Sex scenes are cut, hemlines are lowered, and usually most of the suggestive stuff has been kept to dialog, save for a few harmless panty shots.  That is, until now.



Leave it to Sony to fire the first shot in the coming console ecchi taisen (pervert wars) with たっち、しよっ! ~Love Application~ (Let’s Touch!  Love Application).  It’s not an adult game, per se, as in it doesn’t have out-and-out sex, and it doesn’t have graphic nudity (from what I can tell); but for a company that started out their console policy for the original Playstation with a ban on anything remotely looking even close to adult in nature, this is a total 180.

Here’s the cool thing:  I think behind all the innuendo and eye candy, the game actually looks good.



OK, who am I fooling; I’m interested in Let’s Touch! wholly based on the innuendo and eye candy.  That’s not so say that the game isn’t going to be great.  It’s coming from Compile Heart, the studio behind the Hyperdimension Neptunia series of games, and those have been a fun little distraction.

The one thing that troubles me about Let’s Touch! is that there are 14 different preorder bonuses that come with the game.  So the hardest of Let’s Touch! Isn’t going to be if I pick up the limited or standard edition of the game; but rather where I buy the game from-  that’s a first for me.


Which ever will I choose?


Interestingly enough, this kind of thing has been a long time coming.  Much like violence in games, sex in games has been slowly inching its way into the mainstream in Japan.  Even Nintendo has seen it fit to give the go ahead to such sexually charged games as Senran Kagura and If I Was Locked in a Room with a Girl, I’d ◯◯◯.  I, for one, have a much harder time accepting extreme violence in games over sex.  If given the choice to either pretend to kill someone over and over or look at boobs, I’ll take latter.



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