Have Games, Will Travel

8 03 2012

Sorry about not updating for a bit… I’ve been in Korea.  Here’s photographic proof:



One of the things that excited me most about traveling to Busan, South Korea, was the opportunity to make new Nintenfriends for my Nintendo 3DS.  I do pretty good in Japan… every time I go somewhere I seem to pick up at least one new Nintenfriend; but I had yet to make any international friends yet, even though I took my 3DS with me to Taiwan.

When I travel, I usually take at least one handheld gaming system with me.  This started when I was in Iraq.  I quickly realized that having a Gameboy Advance SP on me was the quickest way to ward off boredom, so I’ve traveled with them ever since.  In fact, now that I think about it, a game playing device was always part of my military travel kit from 2004 – 2011.

This time I brought the 3DS and a PSP.  Didn’t touch the PSP, though.  As far as games, I had Super Mario 3D Land  and Mario Cart 7 available; but I chose to play Beyond the Labyrinth the whole time.  Interesting game, that.  For the PSP, there was Lumines, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, The 3rd Birthday, and Photo Kano.

I didn’t see one game or game system for sale the entire time I was in Busan.  I saw some knockoff Mario shirts, but that was it as far as gaming things.  The weird thing is, not even the small Sony store in the more upscale shopping part of town had games.  This is the first time I’ve travelled Asia and not seen anything game related, not even in the airport shops.  And as far as Nintenfriends go, I didn’t make one the entire time I was there, and I carried that system with me everywhere.

As an addendum, the minute I got back to Narita Airport in Japan, I made seven new Nintenfriends, including my first international one.  And the funny thing is, turns out my first international Nintenfriend is from America.  Don’t that beat all.



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