Double Dose of HardOffing

14 03 2012

It seems that you’re in for a treat… or not, depending if you follow these or not.  I’ve uploaded the latest episode of HardOffing:

I’ve also uploaded a bonus episode that has some pretty neat stuff in it.  I answer the question that I’ve been ask on YouTube a billion and one times: “Why is your slider pad black?”, then move on to an absolutely horrid Playstation fighter, discuss boobs in video games and show some off on the PC Engine and Famicom, only finish it off with a collection of rare original Playstation commercials.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing HardOffing videos.  They seem to have been met with a collective “Meh” from the internet.  Maybe it’s because I refuse to curse at games or say wildly unbelievable things and jump up and down acting like an ass, I don’t know.  But it seems to me that even the very little amount of work that I put into them isn’t worth the bang I’m getting for my buck.  Besides, I know most of you don’t watch them.  That’s OK.



One response

14 03 2012

Holy hot damn! What an amazing collection of unique games and gear.
Definitely worth watching, thoroughly enjoyed the boob video too.
If you ever get the chance, come check out my rather pointless game blog.
Hope to see another episode!

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