Game Gearin’ on the 3DS

15 03 2012

I think it’s pretty cool that older games (known as retro games in the gaming community) have seen new life on modern game systems.  Ever since the the Wii’s Virtual Console gave a new meaning to “backwards compatible” old friends have been popping up on the PlayStation 3 and to some extent on the Xbox360.


What's old is new again.


I don’t buy many games using this method, though.  I prefer to play old games on the systems they were intended to be played on.  The titles I’ve repurchased include Bomber Man ’94 and Tokimeki Memorial 2 because they’re some of my all-time favorite games.  What I really don’t like is the idea of companies selling you the same game over and over and over.  Take Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda.  Since the time it was released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan, the original title has been re-sold to consumers by Nintendo at least 6 times, and only one of those times was the game enhanced in any way (this was for the Super Famicom download service).


I'm more used than a Mexican condom!


A couple of days ago in Japan, three Game Gear titles were released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.  Now, I have a major problem with the idea of paying $150 for a games system where one of its big features is that it allows me to repurchase games for 20 year old lesser systems.  Honestly, if I wanted to play Game Boy games, I’d buy a Game Boy.  I buy next gen systems to play next gen games.  Look at it this way: the cost of me to buy a working Game Boy and a game would run no more than $20 (actually probably closer to $10).  Additional games would cost around $1 – $2 each.  Nintendo wants me to pay $5 each for emulated Game Boy games.  And they say the 3DS doesn’t print money.



Luckily, Game Gear titles on the 3DS cost less than their Game Boy rivals, clocking in at around $4 each.  The cool thing about the virtual Game Gear titles is that the emulator lets you choose the color of the Game Gear that you’re playing the game on, and the level of Game Gear “realism” you experience while playing.  I spent some time with Sonic & Tails on the 3DS and here’s what I got from the experience:



Overall, I really like the look and feel of Game Gear on the 3DS.  It has a cool feature where if you’re playing in windowed mode (where you can see the Game Gear system in the upper screen) then you can turn on the 3D, adding a little depth to the experience so it’s a bit like if you were looking down at an actual Game Gear.  You can do that with the Game Boy games as well; but it’s a hidden feature.  I would like to see more focus on giving gamers more retro games in 3D instead of selling us an experience that we already have.  I mean, that’s the whole point of the 3DS, right?



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