Kid Icarus Uprising Japanese AR Cards

15 03 2012

One of the cool things we’re getting into in modern gaming is Augmented Reality, or AR. That’s where a game machine can take the real world and insert game things into it. Take a look at my post There’s a Princess in my Living Room for a good example of augmented reality.

The new Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus Uprising has an AR feature that revolves around a mini-game using trading cards. Two people put their cards head to head and then view them through the 3DS. The system reads the cards, and then little characters spring up from them and battle.

In America, these cards can be acquired at various locations, but in Japan they’re sold in packs like this:



Because I care so much, I took the time to buy three of these packs to give you guys an early taste of what to expect if you pick up Uprising later this month. Take a look:




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