A Buyer’s Market

18 03 2012

In an attempt to clean out a lot of the game stuff I have around the house, I took a few items to Hard Off because I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them, and I’m lazy.  Now, I often times talk about the deals I get at Hard Off in my HardOffing video series; but today the shoe was on the other foot.  I wasn’t buying, I was selling.  Let’s take a look at what you can expect Hard Off to give you for your retro gaming goodness:


Starting from the top: An MSX computer, Boxed Metal Gear Solid edition Game Cube, a loose Nintendo 64, a boxed Dreamcast Karaoke unit, Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect for the Playstation 2, Puyo Puyo 2 for Mega Drive, misc. junk Playstation games.


This gives you good insight into what Hard Off pays for things and what they sell them for.  In my youth I worked at a used game and toy store, so I know about trying to the the best deal you can to maximize the profit for your store; but Hard Off has a computer database that tells the employees what prices to pay for the things you bring in, meaning the prices should be relatively stable across the board no matter what location you’re selling at.  Let’s take a look at each item.


1) An MSX computer made by National Electronics.  It didn’t have a box, but it did have the instructions and AV cables, and it worked just fine.  I originally purchased this from a Hard Off in Kawagoe, Japan for ¥5300 ($63) because it came with the game Adventure Island and a Hudson Bee Card adaptor, which are hard to find.  I didn’t care about the computer (I already have 3 MSX 2+ machines) just the extras.  Hard Off took the system back for ¥510 ($6) and I’m guessing will sell it for around ¥3500 ($42) because that’s the average price they charge for an MSX.

2) Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes limited edition Game Cube.  This was in the box, but it didn’t have the games that were suppose to come with it, so it was just the console by itself.  I had attached a matching color Game Boy Player; but they didn’t take that into account.  In fact, they paid the same as if I have just brought in an average run-off-the-mill Game Cube, giving me ¥300 ($3.50) for it.  I’ve seen these things sell for anywhere between ¥8000 ($95) and ¥10,000 ($120) so this was truly a rip-off.  If I didn’t already have another complete Metal Gear Game Cube set, I might have been miffed.  I have no idea what they’ll sell it for, but I’m going to guess somewhere in the range of ¥7000 ($83).

3) An unboxed, loose Nintendo 64 console.  Just needed to get this out of the house, really, and they’re pretty much worthless.  I already have a boxed Midnight Blue Nintendo 64 and the super cool Daiei black and orange Nintendo 64, so there was no point in me having a third.  Paid me ¥200 ($2.40) and will probably sell it for ¥1500 ($18).

4) A boxed, mint condition Dreamcast Karaoke unit.  These are a pretty special curiosity in the west, where they can actually be expensive (they weren’t released outside of Japan); but here they run anywhere from ¥100 ($1.20)  to ¥1000 ($12) depending on where you find it at.  I have several already, this was just an extra that I paid ¥100 for at the time because it was a good deal.  Hard Off bought it from me for ¥100, so I came out even.  They’ll probably sell it for ¥800 ($9.50).

5) Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect for the Playstation 2.  I had been looking for this game for a while, and finally found a decent priced copy at a Book Off for ¥1200 ($12).  Brought it home only to find out that it didn’t have an instruction book.  Yeah, I’m anal like that.  Hard Off got it back for ¥50 ($.60); but it would have bugged me every time I looked at it on my shelf, so that’s OK.  They’ll probably sell it for ¥1200 again.

6) Puyo Puyo 2 for the Mega Drive.  Some consider this to be the prefect version of the puzzle game Puyo Puyo 2.  I got this copy off Yahoo! Auctions for ¥100 ($1.20) only to find that the instruction book was missing it’s cover and the box was chipped.  I also dropped it in a puddle on the way into Hard Off so it had additional water damage to the box art.  My bad.  I have since acquired a mint complete copy of the game, so I really didn’t need this.  They gave me ¥50 ($.60) for it, and will probably try to sell it for ¥800 ($9.50).

7) Various original Playstation games.  These were just a bunch of cheap ¥100 ($1.20) games I got to download the Pocket Station mini games from.  Now I’m done with them and they were just taking up space, although I was impressed that one of them turned your Pocket Station into a guitar tuner.  I was given ¥10 ($.12) and Hard Off will throw them in their Junk Game section for ¥100 ($1.20) again.


So at the end, I was paid ¥1250 ($15) for three systems, a karaoke add-on, and 6 games.  In my estimation, Hard Off will sell them all for a combined price of ¥15,200 ($180).  To me that’s just crazy.  Yeah, I know I could have sold them at a retro specialty store and have gotten more; but you try and haul all that stuff across Tokyo.  It’s totally not worth it.



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