PREVIEW: Conception, the Breeding RPG

26 03 2012

There’ve been a few… what people like to call “breeding sims” released in recent memory; the most well known, I think, being the Record of Agarest War series.  I really don’t like the term “breeding sim” that much, to be honest.  What’s a “breeding sim”?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s when you play a game and have two characters “interact” mixing data, creating a second-generation character, so it’s like having a video game kid.  I think calling that a “breeding sim” cheapens the miracle of creating new video game life.  Like you’re making horses of something.  Anyway, there’s a new game coming out developed by Spike for the PSP, called Conception, and before you get excited it has nothing to do with hunky Leonardo DeCaprio jumping into dreams… oh wait, that’s InceptionConception is a dating sim-come-RPG where you get new party members by “interacting” with various girls and then take your youngins into battle.  Here’s a look at what I’m talking about:



This may be as close as we’re ever going to get to a Brady Bunch RPG.  Anyway, while I was at the mall this weekend, I came across a free pamphlet that Dengeki PlayStation magazine and Spike have released to drum up excitement for the game.  Keep in mind that while the PlayStation Vita has launched in all territories now, the PSP is still going strong in Japan.  Really strong.  I expect that new games are going to continue to be developed for the PSP for quite a while to come, a few years at least.  And yes, because Sony’s little portable that couldn’t didn’t really catch on that much outside of Japan, don’t expect any localized versions of Conception.  But if making babies and using them in a dungeon crawling fight club is your thing, you can take solace in that PSP games are region free.


Click to Enlarge


The pamphlet is really nice, magazine sized and glossy.  It’s a shame that companies in the States don’t put as much care into promoting games; but really, America’s a different world than Japan.  Conception comes out April 26.



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8 09 2012
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