Hatsune Miku Vita Bound

12 04 2012


According to the latest issue of video game magazine Famitsu, the next Project Diva game will be releasing on the PlayStation Vita later this year, and oddly enough, the PlayStation 3 next year.  Why it’s going to take an additional year to put it out for a home console, I can’t fathom.  The game ditches the pucchi look that was fond in the recently successful Project Mirai for Nintendo’s 3DS system, and returns to it “normally shaped” roots as seen in past iterations of the game found on the PSP and PS3.  As always, you can click on the images to enbiggen them.



Here you can see various screens from the new game, which looks to have maintained the play mechanics of the previous games; but also takes advantage of the dual nub support that the Vita offers.  Also announced are the returning somewhat failed Vocaloid characters of Rin, Ran, Ruka, Kaito, and Meiko.  Will any Vocaloid ever be able to dethrone the ever popular Hatsune Miku?  At this point, probably not.



Next we get a taste of the locations of the various dance scenes in the game as well as a brief glance at some of the costumes that will be available.  I like that one of the outfits has been designed by someone who is only known as “bob”.   Way to go, “bob”!

I think it’s interesting to note that while Vocaloid fans are getting quite a bit of Hatsune Miku in their lives courtesy of Sega; all the games that have been released thus far have been relatively the same.  Sure, the songs and outfits change, and graphical prowess varies by system; but couldn’t Sega try something a little different?  Are they that set on just driving this Vocaloid cash cow into the ground?  Why not try something new?  I, for one, would love play to play a Vocaloid RPG, and at this point that seems a logical way to go to keep it fresh.  Maybe it’s time for Sega to give Compile Heart a call, hum?

Also, the dates on the top picture refer to a general public game play event being held at Makuhari Messe, April 28 and 29.  There you’ll be able to try the new game out for yourself, if you live in the Tokyo area.  For the game to have just been announced and have a public play event must mean that either it’s pretty far along in development, or that Sega really doesn’t put that much work into these things.  An official release date has not yet been made.





One response

13 04 2012
Shiho's Apprentice

“returns to its normally shaped”
There’s a reason why the 3DS game was called: “Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai” rather than “Project DIVA 3DS,” had different game mechanics, and introduced and removed other features. I’m sure that besides the fact that it separates itself from the main series, the fact that the 3DS’s screen is smaller than a PSP’s contributed to the logic of using chibi/nendroid models instead of the usual taller ones. I didn’t really see how anyone could think that the changes made to adapt the game to the 3DS and make it unique would mean that these changes would apply to the systems that were used to play the game originally.

“failed Vocaloid characters”
Seriously? Not to sound butt-hurt or something, but either you don’t know the definition of “failed” or are very uninformed about the popularity of other Vocaloids and their songs. Miku might be the “most used/ widely recognized” Vocaloid, but that isn’t a direct correlation with better quality, especially since its all the Producer’s/songwriter’s doing. Its logical that if the most popular Producers use her more frequently, she will seem to be more liked (since listeners/viewers like the songs made by the Producers though attribute their feelings to the Vocaloid as it is the only thing with a face and people find it easier to relate with people or representations of people), which isn’t saying that popular Producers don’t use other Vocaloids as well.

“Vocaloid RPG”
They’ll probably make one as soon as that Justin Beiber FPS comes out… Vocaloids are viewed as idols so it makes sense that they star in only music games. Of course there have been collaborations with other RPGs so you could play as a Vocaloid look-alike in games like Phantasy Star Portable 2nd, though it would be impossible to make a normal RPG game with them as they have no set back-story or personality. The only way that would work would be to turn a song or series of songs into a workable plot, and the only songs I’ve seen capable of doing anything like that are mothy’s.

Sorry, I tend to be overcritical, but think of it as constructive criticism. I wandered into here looking for information about another game, and I had already learned about this piece of news, but I’m sure you put some effort into writing it and will learn from this experience, and the rest of the article seemed fine to me.

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