Doorknob Girls

24 05 2012

I’m shopping for a new laptop that I can use for business… you know, run some word, and excel… browse the internet… that kind of thing.  All for under ¥50,000.  That’s the tough part- see, I’ve got standards.  Good luck to me on that.

Anyway, while I was rummaging through various Japanese used computer websites, I stumbled on this:



Yeah.  Right now you’re probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when I first saw this: I hope she at least washed it first.  Do you know how many hands touch a doorknob every day?  And how many germs are on those hands???

Turns out that today a book called Doorknob Girls debuted.  The book is filled with pictures of girls orally satisfying various kinds of doorknobs.  There’s sexy ladies licking doorknobs:



Young women that are surrounded by candy and who have been heavily photoshopped licking doorknobs:



Wet girls in glasses licking doorknobs:



And just when you thought they might have run out of ideas, they throw wet girl in glasses while in an inflatable pool, surrounded by rubber ducks, liking doorknobs at you:



Honestly, I didn’t even know that this doorknob fetish thing even existed.  Nobody in the book is naked, there’s no insertion of a doorknob into any bodily orifice, just girls licking doorknobs, plain and simple (or not so simple when you throw in the ducks and the pool).  Who knows, if this catches on then in the next few years we could see people protesting, demanding equal rights for doorknob marriage.

So if doorknobs are your thing, you can check out the gallery below:



And if you want even more saliva covered doorknob fun, head on over to the official Doorknob Girl website.  At least now I have a subject for my next film.  Just kidding.  Maybe.



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