Studio Happy Chicken’s Summer Releases

25 05 2012

Remember when I said I’d take a month off?  Guess I lied.

Here’s the current slate of releases Studio Happy Chicken has coming up through September, 2012.  Hopefully fans will find something they like in it.  The titles and dates are locked in stone, so you needn’t worry about something slipping off the radar.  Now that the stormy seas we’ve been sailing have calmed, expect a steady stream of goodness from Happy Chicken Land.


6/19     HAPPY CHICKEN BLUE BOX     $44.99 MSRP

6/19     HAPPY CHICKEN PINK BOX     $44.99 MSRP

           6/19     @HOME IDOL: MOE TAKAHASHI     $19.99 MSRP    


07/24     STUDIO HAPPY CHICKEN GIRLS  Blu-ray   $19.99 MSRP


07/24     @HOME IDOL: MOE TAKAHASHI Blu-ray     $24.99 MSRP


09/25     SAMURAI BOYS 3 WAY Blu-ray     $34.99 MSRP

Another Take on Catherine doesn’t have a firm date yet; but I’ve been in contact with our distributor and they’re working hard to get the DVD and Blu-ray Disks pressed to get them out as soon as possible.



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