Site’s Not Dead… Neither Am I

31 05 2013

I’ve just been busy… traveled to China, Thailand, Korea, the US, back to Thailand, and now back to Japan.

New good stuff is coming shortly… just you wait and see!

Another Take on Catherine now at Amazon

27 09 2012

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Another Take on Catherine is now available from Amazon.

You can order it on Blu-ray HERE.

It was suppose to be at the world’s largest online retailer on September 25, when everyone else got it, but somebody screwed up (cough cough – our distributor – cough cough) and it arrived late, so sorry about that (even though it was not our fault and we should’t have to apologize).


So that’s it.  Catherine is out the door and in your hands, hopefully.  It is my sincerest wish that you enjoy it.  I know that it’s not going to be what people expect, not in America at least.  Fans in Japan seem happy with it; but Americans aren’t accustomed to gravure art films, so I’m sure there’s going to be a vocal cry of “what is this?!”   My advice: Relax, breathe deeply, watch it a few more times, get yourself a copy of Les Gamins and watch that… then you’ll get it.  Trust me.


Yes, this is directly related to this.


And that’s the last thing I have to say about Another Take on Catherine until I do an ON FILM posting about it, which I’m way behind on.  I need to catch up; but I’m right in the middle of relaunching Studio Happy Chicken and what we’re working on is so fun and cool that I just can’t tear myself away.  Very cool indeed!



Working in a Post Catherine World

27 08 2012

It’s funny, Another Take on Catherine isn’t even out yet (September 25 in the US), but I’m forced to move on and work on other projects while at the same time promoting Catherine.

Right now I’m in Thailand finishing up Studio Happy Chicken’s next video, which should release in December in Japan and America.  The Japanese title’s pretty firm at being エロ a Go Go with the American version being called The Thailand Experience.

Here’s a rough clip of a gravure scene from the film.  The music is a temp track (obviously we won’t be using LMFAO in the finished version); but it gives you an idea of what to expect… only it really doesn’t, now that I think about it.  I have some surprises up my sleeve…


YouTube took down the video, so I’ve replaced it with a still from the film representing what you’re missing.

The structure of this release is very interesting and challenging.  Also, finding the right music has been more difficult than I would have thought… when it’s finished, my hope is that it delvers a true Thailand Go Go experience from the comfort of your own couch.  Studio Happy Chicken will provide the girls, you have to provide the beer.

Another Take on Catherine Buyer’s Guide

21 08 2012

With Studio Happy Chicken Pink’s Another Take on Catherine being about a month out, I thought I’d share a little about the different versions of the film that will be available.


Another Take on Catherine – JAPANESE DVD  (September 23)   PREORDER

This cut of Another Take on Catherine clocks in 3 minutes shorter than the American version.  That’s because at the last minute, the Japanese censors made us make some cuts to the film to get it released in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Other than having different dialog, it’s virtually identical to the American release (except for the missing 3 minutes).



Another Take on Catherine – USA STANDARD DVD (September 25)   PREORDER

This is exactly what it sounds like, the standard edition release.  Features the American version of Catherine, plus the bonus film Moe X CoCo featuring Moe Takahashi and CoCo!



Another Take on Catherine – USA BLU-RAY (September 25)   PREORDER

Featuring a beautiful 1080p picture, and deep pulse-pounding sound, this is the version of Another Take on Catherine to get.  The Blu-ray version of Catherine comes with both the English and Japanese (uncut) versions of the film, as well as the bonus film Moe X CoCo, and an additional super-secret bonus video!





Studio Happy Chicken’s Summer Releases

25 05 2012

Remember when I said I’d take a month off?  Guess I lied.

Here’s the current slate of releases Studio Happy Chicken has coming up through September, 2012.  Hopefully fans will find something they like in it.  The titles and dates are locked in stone, so you needn’t worry about something slipping off the radar.  Now that the stormy seas we’ve been sailing have calmed, expect a steady stream of goodness from Happy Chicken Land.


6/19     HAPPY CHICKEN BLUE BOX     $44.99 MSRP

6/19     HAPPY CHICKEN PINK BOX     $44.99 MSRP

           6/19     @HOME IDOL: MOE TAKAHASHI     $19.99 MSRP    


07/24     STUDIO HAPPY CHICKEN GIRLS  Blu-ray   $19.99 MSRP


07/24     @HOME IDOL: MOE TAKAHASHI Blu-ray     $24.99 MSRP


09/25     SAMURAI BOYS 3 WAY Blu-ray     $34.99 MSRP

Another Take on Catherine doesn’t have a firm date yet; but I’ve been in contact with our distributor and they’re working hard to get the DVD and Blu-ray Disks pressed to get them out as soon as possible.

Doorknob Girls

24 05 2012

I’m shopping for a new laptop that I can use for business… you know, run some word, and excel… browse the internet… that kind of thing.  All for under ¥50,000.  That’s the tough part- see, I’ve got standards.  Good luck to me on that.

Anyway, while I was rummaging through various Japanese used computer websites, I stumbled on this:



Yeah.  Right now you’re probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when I first saw this: I hope she at least washed it first.  Do you know how many hands touch a doorknob every day?  And how many germs are on those hands???

Turns out that today a book called Doorknob Girls debuted.  The book is filled with pictures of girls orally satisfying various kinds of doorknobs.  There’s sexy ladies licking doorknobs:



Young women that are surrounded by candy and who have been heavily photoshopped licking doorknobs:



Wet girls in glasses licking doorknobs:



And just when you thought they might have run out of ideas, they throw wet girl in glasses while in an inflatable pool, surrounded by rubber ducks, liking doorknobs at you:



Honestly, I didn’t even know that this doorknob fetish thing even existed.  Nobody in the book is naked, there’s no insertion of a doorknob into any bodily orifice, just girls licking doorknobs, plain and simple (or not so simple when you throw in the ducks and the pool).  Who knows, if this catches on then in the next few years we could see people protesting, demanding equal rights for doorknob marriage.

So if doorknobs are your thing, you can check out the gallery below:



And if you want even more saliva covered doorknob fun, head on over to the official Doorknob Girl website.  At least now I have a subject for my next film.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

Lollipop Chainsaw Manga Revealed

24 05 2012

In Japan, the buzz machine for upcoming cheerleader zombie slaughtering  simulation Lollipop Chainsaw has reached maximum overdrive.  Not only will the game be released in 2 editions (in sanitized and adults only flavors), it’s also been announced that the ¥10,290 ($130) premium editions will also come with a tissue box cover (for when you get a little too excited from playing the game) a B2 sized poster, and an A3 sized tapestry.  I’ll be honest, even though I work in media I’ve never been able to get my head around sizes like A5, B4, and the like.   I’m constantly buying the wrong sized envelopes because of this.

In a effort to whip fans into a buying ferver, a comic (known as manga in Japan… say it with me: mah-n-ga) has been commissioned to shed light on the characters back story, including how Juliet’s boyfriend Nick looses his head, while throwing in a little fan service on the side.  Debuting in the June 7th issue of über gaming rag Famitsu, I present it here for your viewing pleasure.  Oddly enough, while Famitsu is read left to right, the manga is presented in a right to left format which really sort of messes you up.  There’s no reason to make people stop and change the direction of the magazine they’re reading right in the middle of it.

What do you think?  Does it make you more ferverish than before?