Die, Minotaur, Die!

28 07 2013

Dragon’s Crown is out. ¬†Who’s up for some orc hunting?

Haven’t had much of a chance to really get into it yet; been busy working on Game Girls Go! and getting the import game shop set up. Yeah, you heard me: the double punch of Japanese Idols playing retro games AND a store in Japan that’s English friendly and carries everything from brand spankin’ new back to before you were born.

So, anyway, here’s a look at Dragon’s Crown as played on the Playstation Vita. It’s really sort of slap-dash put together in-between Game Girls work; but I felt I should so something because people have been asking.

I’ll put something a little more professional together soon. Until then, this is all you get.

Oh, and a word of warning for those of you with small children and pets nearby… the video’s a bit NSFW, so keep that in mind.