Fail to the King of Cutscenes!

15 01 2012

While working on a video piece on the 3DO for HCKBlog, I stumbled across something that left me dumfounded.  Let me introduce you to the game EMIT.

EMIT is one of those games from the 90’s that relied heavily on cinematics to tell it’s story.  Great anime infused cinemas were one of the things that drew me toward video games when I was younger, and at this time in video game history, they were everywhere.  Developers were starting to catch on to the benefits of releasing games on CDs versus cartridges- two of the biggies being the inclusion of voice and video.  EMIT was designed to harness this new power as an entertaining way to teach English.  Entertaining, though, may be in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve played through many a game that forced you to sit through long-winded cut scenes.  Usually these are made more tolerable when viewed in Japanese over their English dubbed counterparts; but EMIT joins a select group of games that were originally presented in English for their Japanese release.

So sit back and experience what may be the most mind numbing and awkward exposition in video game history.  If you make it through the entire 14 minutes and 42 seconds without getting up, browsing the internet while it plays in the background, or shooting yourself, you deserve a reward.

Good luck to you!

Funny Japan

8 01 2012

During my four years in Japan I’ve come across signs, shirts, and products that made me chuckle.  If I have the wherewithal, I take a picture.  Allow me to share with you some funny stuff I’ve seen out and about.  Well, funny to me at least.


In Japan, drinking can result in possible electrocution.

And nothing's more delicious than safety!

Yeah! I'm with this guy!

There's nothing quite like the ease of Salty Nuts in your mouth.

In Japan bad people are nice enough to label themselves so you know who to avoid.

There's something about these well-wishes that strikes me as unsettling...

I eat there a lot.

Oh, no! Not obstacle thing!!!!!

I know you're proud and all, but you should probably keep that thing in your pants.

There's nothing I enjoy more in my tea than food.

Believe me, I know the horror of PC. That's why I use a Mac.

Hey ladies, lookin' goo..... OHMYGODWHATISTHATTHING?!?!?!?!?