HCK PLAYS – Pretty Fighter on the Super Famicom

9 08 2013

Ah, Super Famicom how we love your classic games, and your… not so classic ones, too.   After all, hate is a twisted form of love, right?

Pretty Fighter is a middling beat-um-up made by Imagineer that actually did well enough to receive an enhanced port on the Saturn titled Pretty Fighter X, which received an 18+ rating and yellow label.  Now you’d think that was because of some sexy situations involving the all-female cast, and you’d be dead wrong.  It’s because there’s a cut scene that involves a male flasher.  In one awesome swoop Imagineer punked every Saturn owning pervert back in 1995.

This video was done as a rudimentary test for Studio Happy Chicken’s upcoming Game Girls Go! only I’m sorry to say the only game girls are the ones actually in the game.  I needed to see how long it took to finish of a 10 minute segment.  Keep in mind NOTHING here is going to be like it is on the show, this is simply a very basic and hilarious test.

Also, keep in mind it gets very NSFW, so keep it away from children and small animals.

Die, Minotaur, Die!

28 07 2013

Dragon’s Crown is out.  Who’s up for some orc hunting?

Haven’t had much of a chance to really get into it yet; been busy working on Game Girls Go! and getting the import game shop set up. Yeah, you heard me: the double punch of Japanese Idols playing retro games AND a store in Japan that’s English friendly and carries everything from brand spankin’ new back to before you were born.

So, anyway, here’s a look at Dragon’s Crown as played on the Playstation Vita. It’s really sort of slap-dash put together in-between Game Girls work; but I felt I should so something because people have been asking.

I’ll put something a little more professional together soon. Until then, this is all you get.

Oh, and a word of warning for those of you with small children and pets nearby… the video’s a bit NSFW, so keep that in mind.

Metal Gear Solid 3 3D Gameplay & Rant

30 12 2011

I got a request to post gameplay from the Nintendo 3DS game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D.  There was a reason I hadn’t uploaded any footage from the game… I usually only post things I like or have interest in.  Now, I’m a big Metal Gear fan.  I’ve played through the entire series and even have the original Metal Gear for the MSX.  I was very interested in Konami’s 3D venture into the world of the Patriots… and then less enamored after playing the game.  Hopefully, the video speaks for itself.