HCK PLAYS – Pretty Fighter on the Super Famicom

9 08 2013

Ah, Super Famicom how we love your classic games, and your… not so classic ones, too.   After all, hate is a twisted form of love, right?

Pretty Fighter is a middling beat-um-up made by Imagineer that actually did well enough to receive an enhanced port on the Saturn titled Pretty Fighter X, which received an 18+ rating and yellow label.  Now you’d think that was because of some sexy situations involving the all-female cast, and you’d be dead wrong.  It’s because there’s a cut scene that involves a male flasher.  In one awesome swoop Imagineer punked every Saturn owning pervert back in 1995.

This video was done as a rudimentary test for Studio Happy Chicken’s upcoming Game Girls Go! only I’m sorry to say the only game girls are the ones actually in the game.  I needed to see how long it took to finish of a 10 minute segment.  Keep in mind NOTHING here is going to be like it is on the show, this is simply a very basic and hilarious test.

Also, keep in mind it gets very NSFW, so keep it away from children and small animals.

Working in a Post Catherine World

27 08 2012

It’s funny, Another Take on Catherine isn’t even out yet (September 25 in the US), but I’m forced to move on and work on other projects while at the same time promoting Catherine.

Right now I’m in Thailand finishing up Studio Happy Chicken’s next video, which should release in December in Japan and America.  The Japanese title’s pretty firm at being エロ a Go Go with the American version being called The Thailand Experience.

Here’s a rough clip of a gravure scene from the film.  The music is a temp track (obviously we won’t be using LMFAO in the finished version); but it gives you an idea of what to expect… only it really doesn’t, now that I think about it.  I have some surprises up my sleeve…


YouTube took down the video, so I’ve replaced it with a still from the film representing what you’re missing.

The structure of this release is very interesting and challenging.  Also, finding the right music has been more difficult than I would have thought… when it’s finished, my hope is that it delvers a true Thailand Go Go experience from the comfort of your own couch.  Studio Happy Chicken will provide the girls, you have to provide the beer.

Another Take on Catherine Buyer’s Guide

21 08 2012

With Studio Happy Chicken Pink’s Another Take on Catherine being about a month out, I thought I’d share a little about the different versions of the film that will be available.


Another Take on Catherine – JAPANESE DVD  (September 23)   PREORDER

This cut of Another Take on Catherine clocks in 3 minutes shorter than the American version.  That’s because at the last minute, the Japanese censors made us make some cuts to the film to get it released in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Other than having different dialog, it’s virtually identical to the American release (except for the missing 3 minutes).



Another Take on Catherine – USA STANDARD DVD (September 25)   PREORDER

This is exactly what it sounds like, the standard edition release.  Features the American version of Catherine, plus the bonus film Moe X CoCo featuring Moe Takahashi and CoCo!



Another Take on Catherine – USA BLU-RAY (September 25)   PREORDER

Featuring a beautiful 1080p picture, and deep pulse-pounding sound, this is the version of Another Take on Catherine to get.  The Blu-ray version of Catherine comes with both the English and Japanese (uncut) versions of the film, as well as the bonus film Moe X CoCo, and an additional super-secret bonus video!





Catherine Completed

18 05 2012

It’s a wrap… finished… completed… and soon to be in the hands of connoisseurs everywhere.


Busy, Busy, Busy

23 04 2012

Haven’t had time to update the site lately… I’ve been hard at work getting some titles out the door, including the much hyped Another Take on Catherine.  So take heart in the fact that I haven’t abandoned ‘ol HCKBlog, I’ve just been busy.

In the meantime, here are some rough shots from the upcoming and aforementioned Catherine.


Boxing it Up

29 02 2012

Get this stuff out the door!

You might have noticed that I haven’t been updating here as frequently as in the past, that’s because I’ve been readying Studio Happy Chicken’s next set of releases, the Happy Chicken Pink Box, Happy Chicken Blue Box, and the Samurai Boys 3-way Blu-ray.

These are important releases for Studio Happy Chicken because they represent the end of our past releases as we focus on the future.  We’ve ceased production of our titles Sundae Girl, Ayaka is your Angel, Thai Relax, and Les Gamins on DVD.  Now, they’ll only be available through the Happy Chicken Pink Box set, which is pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.  If you’re looking to get these original titles in their original release packaging, you’d better hurry because once they’ve sold out, that’s it.  I’ve always loved the Sundae Girl packaging; it came hard bound with a 16-page full color art book.  You don’t see attention paid to packaging like that very often, and I can tell you why: it’s expensive!  As you may or may not know, all our Happy Chicken Pink releases include a mini poster on the reverse side of the DVD jacket, so if you don’t have an original release, you’ll never get the poster.  Let’s take a look at what will be available very shortly:


The Happy Chicken Pink Box features four of our premium gravure titles in one nifty, glossy package.  Inside this keepsake box you’ll find four films, Sundae Girl, Ayaka is Your Angel, Thai Relax, and Les Gamins.  Opening the box reveals a gatefold featuring photos of  Natsuki Kojima and Ayaka Uchiyama, and opening that gatefold exposes pictures of Risa Hashimoto and Naomi Ishikawa as well as the four disks nestled in sturdy, clear DVD trays.


The Happy Chicken Blue Box is similar to the Pink Box, but features four films released under the Happy Chicken Blue label.  These include @Home Idol as well as the Chaku-ero Super Sexy Oriental Gal series, volumes 1 -3.  The gatefold here features Happy Chicken Girl Moe Takahashi along with Rion Hatsune, while in inside photos are of Yuna Majikina and Miku.

Both sets retail for $34.95, which means you should be able to get them for less at online retailers such as Amazon.com and Best Buy.


I’m also pleased to announce a new printing of two of our most hard to get titles, @Home Idol: Moe Takahashi on DVD and Blu-ray Disk as well as Studio Happy Chicken Girls on Blu-ray.  That means fans won’t have to pay upwards of the $115 people have been asking for them on Amazon.  Both releases have had little tweaks to their packaging that differentiate them from the original versions.  @Home Idol has a new cover entirely, and Happy Chicken Girls now actually says “Studio Happy Chicken Girls” on the cover.  The Japanese title for the release was 0425208863(24h).

So it’s back to work for me, finalizing this shipment and getting it out the door.  I’ll get back to regular posts shortly… I actually have a backlog of interesting Japanese stuff and retro gaming this and that to talk about, along with more classic video game magazine scans and even more HardOffing.  Thanks so much for keeping interested and checking back here.  And as always… buy our movies!